General Surrender Information

We understand that sometimes circumstances require people to do things that they normally wouldn't. If you've come to this page, you may be feeling like you are out of options. Please, before parting with your pet, reach out to us. There may be ways we can help keep you together.


Send us an email using the form below, call us or stop by.

We are always here to help the animals and the people that love them!

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Surrender Alternatives

Check out Adopt-A-Pet/Rehome. They have a whole site just for people looking to re-home their pet(s). This is a great solution for animals that won't do well in a stressful shelter environment. It may also be helpful to anyone not under a time constraint.

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  • Reach out to everyone you know! If they aren't interested in taking your pet, they may know someone who is.
  • Talk to your veterinarian. Often they have a clients that are looking for a pet.
  • Post your pet on social media. There are many sites and pages dedicated to re-homing pets. Be very careful to check out potential adopters though. Not everyone has good intentions!

Surrender Process

What is the pet surrender process?

  • All surrenders are by appointment ONLY and are at our sole discretion. We are not an open admission shelter so please understand we can not take every animal every time. Being a no-kill shelter means that we do not euthanize for space so often animals in our care may wait a long time to find their forever homes. We have a capacity for both dogs and cats. If we are at that limit, you may have to wait until there is space.
  • Reach out to us via email, phone or in person to see if we are able to accept your pet.
  • Fill out a surrender form by clicking the appropriate button below.
  • We will contact you within 3 business days after receiving your form. During this phone call, we will gather the info we need to make a determination on your pet. Please have any vet records and licensing information available. You will also be told what your surrender fee will be.
  • Come to the scheduled surrender appointment with your pet. Bring any documentation and/or items that we have requested during your phone consultation.