Due to a recent outbreak of Giardia in our cattery, our adoption process has been modified. Please understand, we don't want to risk the health of the kitties here or your pets at home! Going forward, once you have found a kitty you'd like to adopt, please fill out our application. Once we receive that, we will check your references and then call you. At this point, we will let you know your approval status and set up a meet/adoption appointment if applicable.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


There are currently over TWENTY  kittens in our care! If you've been thinking about adding to your family, please check out some of our available babies below!


Our adoption process is as follows:

  • Browse our site to find any kitten(S) you are interested in.
  • Fill out and submit our adoption application which can be found on the bottom of each kitten bio or at the very bottom of this page.
  • Allow 1-2 business days for us to process your application. We will then reach out and let you know if you are approved or not and if approved, we will schedule a time for you to come meet the kitten(s) and take your new family member(s) home.
  • All kittens under 6 months old are just $125!
  • The adoption fee includes the spay/neuter, wormings, flea/tick preventative and appropriate vaccinations!
  • Special pricing for pairs!
  • We also provide you with food & treats to get you started!


Cutie pie Megan is more than ready for her forever home! Born 3/4/22, this itty bitty Calico is quite shy but very sweet. It will take a little while for Megan to open up and trust you but once she does, you'll have a friend for life! Megan has spent her entire life so far in the shelter but we just know her forever person is out there! She will do best in a quiet and calm home where she can gain confidence and blossom into the kitty she's meant to be!

The "D" Boys

The "D" Boys are siblings and both are handsome, playful and sweet!

The smallest brother, Dalton, definitely has a great big personality and is very chatty.

Damien enjoys playtime, bird watching and snuggles.

Five of their siblings have been adopted and now it's their turn!

Amaya, Blake, Chan & Donovan

These siblings, born 5/26/22 may look almost identical but they sure have their own individual personalities!

Amaya is very curious and sweet. She is often curled up next to another kitten.


Blake is super laid back but loves affection more than anything else! He is a lap cat in the making!

Chan is very adventurous. He is always checking things out and climbing.

Donovan is super playful and fun. He loves toys and tackling his siblings.


Click the link below to adopt one (or two!) of these fantastic kittens!

Jacob, Jeff & Jill

Jill, Jeff & Jacob aren't blood siblings but since all were found alone at around 6 weeks old, they made their own little family by choice!

All 3 kittens were born in the 1st week of May 2022 and are sweet & playful.


Jill is a very laid back little girl. She enjoys napping on laps and bird watching.


Jeff is a very sweet guy. He loves affection and checking out everything!


Jacob had a horrible eye infection when he came to us and we thought he was going to lose his right eye! After a lot of trips to the vet, eye medications and TLC, Jacob is all healed up and ready to meet his forever family!

Mona & Cosmo

Cosmo and Mona are the most adorable little cousins EVER! Cosmo was born 5/30/22 while Mona is just 2 weeks younger with a birthdate of 6/19/22. They are both sweet and affectionate & want nothing more than a lot of cuddle time!

Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks & Peter Green

The Fleetwood Mac kittens are ready to start making hits of their own! This trio was born on 6/6/22 and have been making beautiful music together ever since!

Adorable Stevie is definitely the leader of the band. She is outgoing and social but also enjoys a lot of affection.

Peter Green is the most cuddly of the group. He enjoys lap time and bird watching and will even roll over for belly rubs!

Mick Fleetwood is the more serious of the three. He enjoys romping with his bandmates but some snuggles after are just fine with him!

Alvin & Joey


Young Alvin was born in August 2022. He is super laid back and just the sweetest! He will do well in just about any home because nothing ruffles this cutie!


Young Joey was born on 8/20/22. He is quite the character and will keep you entertained for hours! After playtime though, this little ginger & white boy is an expert cuddlebug!

Amelie, Amaury & Emmeline

This young trio was born 6/10/22. They are all just the sweetest kitties EVER!

Each of them have their own personality and remain very close. The only boy, Amaury, is very affectionate and you'll often find him curled up with another cat or 2!

Amelie is a bit shy but warms up quickly and then just adores you!

Lastly, Emmeline. She is well rounded, social and playful.

You can't go wrong adding any of the 3 to your home!

"Wild Wings" Girls

These sisters were found at the Wild Wings Campground in Oak Harbor near their deceased mother at just 2 weeks old! They were bottle raised by an amazing foster mom and are now ready to meet their forever families! The girls were born 8-14-22 and are super sweet and cuddly! Wendy & Whitney love everyone they meet and get along great with their kitty roommates!


Gorgeous sisters, Thelma & Louise were born this past July and left to fend for themselves when their owners moved away and left them to fend for themselves. Now Louise has been adopted and poor Thelma is missing her partner in crime! Thelma couldn't be sweeter! She is affectionate and loving and gets along great with her kitty roommates. Thelma will do well in just about any home!


Stunning Tortie, Sasha, may just be the puuurrrfect kitten! She is affectionate, sweet and pretty laid back. Sasha was born in September of 2022 and was brought to the shelter by a kind gentleman after she showed up alone and cold at his doorstep. She can't wait to have her very own forever home!