Cats Available for Adoption

Kittens under 6 months old are $125

Cats/Kittens 6 months-5 years are $90

Cats over 5 years are $70

Special discounts for veterans, seniors and pairs!

All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered (if old enough), FeLV/FIV tested, wormed, and up to date on appropriate vaccinations. Our cats and kittens are also on monthly flea/tick prevention.

Adoption Process:

  • Fill out an application for the cat you are interested in.
  • Submit application and allow 1-2 business days for reference checks.
  • We will contact you to schedule a meet and greet with the cat you are interested in.
  • Come to your scheduled meet and greet, fall in love with your new best friend.
  • Take your new cat home and live happily ever after!

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Kittens, Kittens & MORE Kittens!

Almost always there are numerous kittens in our care! We had to create a page dedicated to showing off these adorable fluff balls!

If you've been thinking about adding to your family or know someone else who is, please check out some of the available babies by clicking below!



Ginger boy, Adam arrived here with his siblings when he was just 1 week old! His siblings were all adopted months ago but poor, sweet Adam is still here waiting. He was born in August of 2021 and we really hope he can spend his first birthday with his very own forever family! Adam is sweet, affectionate and playful, he might just be PUUURRRfect for you!


Pretty, pink-nosed Alexis arrived at the shelter when her owner had to move into assisted living. Born in 2019, this young lady has plenty of love and affection to give to a new family. Alexis enjoys lounging in a cat tree preferably near a window!


Athena-DOB 10/29/17, female Tabby. This sweetie will do well in a quieter home. Athena enjoys playing with stuffed mice and lounging near a window.

Bay Bridge Kitties

Back in December 2021, we were able to go out to the Old Bay bridge and trap over 30 cats that had been calling the lonely bridge their home. All of the kitties were tested, vaccinated and altered. We were then able to place them in safe barn homes throughout Ohio.


The 3 pictured here were the youngest and are definitely NOT feral! Calvin is the sweetest and most easy going out of the trio. He loves being held and petted. Carmen is the most fearful of the 3 and just needs an adopter that is patient and understands that she will take a little while to warm up. Cassius is somewhere in the middle. He enjoys attention and being petted but isn't sure about being picked up and held just yet.

We have no doubt that this trio will do wonderfully out of the shelter and with their forever people. Maybe that is you!!!


This poor girl had an awful start in life! She was found along with 3 siblings in a trash can when they were only 5 weeks old. Some very kind young ladies found the 4 kittens and brought them to us. Unfortunately, 2 of the kittens passed away but Birgit is happy and healthy and so affectionate! Will you be the one to help heal her heart???


Cameron: DOB 08/20/14, Male ***FIV+*** Must go to home as only cat or with well socialized cats. Cameron loves people, very affectionate and would LOVE to be your LAP CAT!!!


Pretty mini-panther, Dinah arrived at the shelter with her 2 kittens. She is now ready for her forever family! Dinah is a bit reserved at first but once you earn her trust, she is a sweetheart! She is just a year old and can't wait to begin her life outside of the shelter!


 This pretty girl born in July 2020, has the most striking golden eyes that pop against her sleek dark coat! Dharma is a bit shy at first but enjoys affection once she trusts you. She will do best in a quiet, calmer home.


Driscoll: Male, DOB 02/04/2020. Driscoll is a sweet guy that is pretty laid back. He enjoys affection as well as play time. Driscoll would do well in any home environment.


Adorable, young Dylan was born at a local boat launch in May 2021. We were able to bring him inside and show him how good the indoor kitty life really is! Dylan is affectionate and adores people and other kitties. Maybe Dylan is just what your home is missing!


Stunning Eva was dumped with her 5 kittens. (See the Kitten Korner page for the "E" sisters!)

She was a great mama kitty and now that her babies are weaned, it's time for Eva to meet her forever people! She is very affectionate and sweet. She loves lounging in the sun and socializing with her roommates.


Lovely Felicia is hoping her forever family finds her soon! Born 11/1/20, this young lady is very sweet and just adores people! Felicia loves affection and enjoys lounging near a window.


Felix may have a grumpy face but he is one of the sweetest kitties you will ever meet! This Maine Coon mix just turned a year old in April 2022 and is hoping his forever family finds him soon! Felix is affectionate, sweet and pretty laid back. He enjoys cuddle time and bird watching and loves people of all ages. Felix might just be the perfect addition to your home!


Pretty and petite Georgia is ready to meet her forever family now! She turned a year old in April 2022 and just weened her 3 kittens. Georgia is sweet and affectionate. She is laid back and will do well in just about any home!


Harlow-Female Tabby, DOB 04/30/18, Loves people and affection. Would do best in a calmer home environment. Will make a great lap cat!


Ian, Male, DOB 07/01/2020. This handsome mini panther has the shiniest coat and is the most easy going youngster! Ian will do well in just about any home.


Jerry 2-Text
Jerry 3-Text

Dashing gent, Jerry is one of the sweetest cats EVER! This guy loves head boops and will put his paws around you for hugs! Jerry was a neighborhood stray but a kind lady realized there was not a feral bone in this guy's body. She brought him to us and we were instantly smitten! Jerry was born in June of 2021 and will make a wonderful addition to any family!


Pretty Marah can't wait to meet her forever family! She arrived at the shelter in March of 2022 with 2 tiny kittens. Her little ones have been adopted and now it's this sweet mama's turn! Marah was born in April 2021 and couldn't be sweeter. She loves affection and lounging in sunshine!


Handsome young Mike came to us when his owner threw him outside. This guy is super affectionate, sweet and easy going. He loves lounging in a cat tree to do some bird watching and will sit in your lap as long as you'll let him! Mike, born 8/21, is more than ready to meet his forever family!


Natalie-Female Tuxedo, DOB 11/04/14. Natalie is quite shy at first, she just needs someone patient to give her a chance! Natalie gets along well with other cats and is often cuddled up with one of her roommates! She will do best in a calmer home environment.


Nikki is a sweet and petite girl at just 6 pounds. She is a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you, this cutie will talk your ear off! Nikki just turned 4 and we think that is the perfect age. She knows all of the polite kitty behaviors and is clam at all of the right times. Nikki would love a family of her own!


This lovely bobtail girl is Portia. She is a petite girl that was born in November of 2020. Portia arrived at the shelter when her owner moved and left her and her 3 roommates in an empty apartment. This cutie doesn't hold a grudge though, she adores people and affection! Portia might just be the perfect addition to your home!


Ramona 2-Text

Look at those golden eyes! Pretty Ramona is an all around perfect kitty! She was born in July 2021 so will be celebrating her first birthday soon. We hope she can do that in her forever home. Ramona is great with other cats, dogs and people of all ages. She might just be what your home is missing!


Regan: DOB 06/01/2018. Female Tabby. Reagan is a bit shy at first but once you earn her trust, you have a friend for life! She will do best in a calmer home environment.


Regina 2-Text

Pretty Regina is one of the sweetest, most affectionate kitties EVER! This girl loves to follow you around chattering away the whole time! Regina is just over a year old and can't wait to meet her forever family! She would do well in any home...maybe yours???


Rhea 2-Text
Rhea 2-Text

Dilute Calico, Rhea, is so much more than a pretty package! This girl is just the sweetest kitty! She adores everyone she meets and can't wait to be a full time lap cat! Rhea was born in April of 2021 so she is still young and the perfect age to meet her forever people!


Rita-Female Tabby, DOB 09/18/17. Rita has a grumpy face but is actually very sweet. She enjoys long naps near a window. Rita will do well in any home environment.


Rocky 2-Text
Rocky 4-Text
Rocky 3-Text

When lovable Rocky arrived at the shelter, he had a painful eye condition called Entropian. His eyelids were turned in and with every blink of his eyes, he had pain. Rocky was a total sweetheart in spite of this and now he has had surgery to correct the condition. He is now waiting to find a forever family that will love this guy forever!


Rory 2-Text
Rory 3-Text

Who doesn't love a stunning buff Tabby with deep golden eyes??? Young Rory is hoping YOU do!!! Born in October of 2021, this sweet guy is the total package! He is very affectionate and enjoys cuddle time immensely! Rory will be a great fit in any home!


Roxie 2-Text

Light ginger girl Roxie can't wait to meet her new family! This sweetie absolutely loves everyone she encounters! Roxie was born on 6/20/21 and gave birth to a litter of kittens in March of 2022-she was still just a kitten herself! Roxie is done raising babies and is ready to be a pampered part of a real home!


Miss Ruthie will turn a year old on June 20, 2022. We would love it if she were able to celebrate her first birthday in a real home with her very own family! Ruthie is laid back and super affectionate. She is friends with everyone she meets, furry AND human! Ruthie is going to be an excellent companion for someone! Maybe you?!?


Shorty 3-Text
Shorty 2-Text

Shorty was thrown outside when his owner had to move. This sweet guy who was born in June 2021 was just heartbroken when he arrived at the shelter. After a few days he really warmed up and is now one of the most affectionate kitties ever! Shorty is very talkative and loves to follow you around chattering away!


Pretty Sylvie may have a grumpy face sometimes but let us assure you, she is one of the happiest, most affectionate kitties we have ever met! Sylvie arrived at the shelter after being abandoned by her owner in an apartment for almost 3 weeks without food! 2 of Sylvie's kitty roommates actually passed away before they were found. Sylvie is just over a year old and is more than ready to meet her forever person/people!

Gorgeous Zara arrived at the shelter after being found outside. She is very sweet and loving so we believe at one time she had someone that loved her. After no owner came forward, we promised Miss Zara that we would find her a loving home where she would always be safe and cared for!