There are currently over FORTY  kittens in our care! If you've been thinking about adding to your family, please check out some of our available babies below!


Our adoption process is as follows:

  • Browse our site to find any kitten(S) you are interested in.
  • Fill out and submit our adoption application which can be found on the bottom of each kitten bio or at the very bottom of this page.
  • Allow 1-2 business days for us to process your application. We will then reach out and let you know if you are approved or not and if approved, we will schedule a time for you to come meet the kitten(s) and take your new family member(s) home.
  • All kittens under 6 months old are just $125!
  • The adoption fee includes the spay/neuter, wormings, flea/tick preventative and appropriate vaccinations!
  • Special pricing for pairs!
  • We also provide you with food & treats to get you started!


Adorable Fiona was born in January 2022. She is both sweet and affectionate. Fiona is hoping to find her forever home soon!


Cutie pie Megan is more than ready for her forever home! Born 3/4/22, this itty bitty Calico is very playful and affectionate! Megan will be a welcome addition to any home!


Larry is the last of his litter here. His brothers, Curly & Moe were more outgoing while Larry is a bit shy at first. Once this sweetie gets to know you though, he will be your best buddy! Larry was born on April Fool's Day 2022 and is so ready to meet his forever family!


The "D" Boys

The "D" Boys are siblings and all 5 are handsome, playful and sweet!

The smallest brother, Dalton, definitely has a great big personality and is very chatty.

Damien enjoys playtime, bird watching and snuggles.

Derek and Devin are both very sweet and will likely enjoy a life as lovable lap kitties!

Amaya, Blake, Chan, Colton & Donovan

These siblings, born 5/26/22 may look almost identical but they sure have their own individual personalities!

Amaya is very curious and sweet. She is often curled up next to another kitten.

Chan is very adventurous. He is always checking things out and climbing.

Colton is the smallest and prefers cuddling over anything else.

Donovan is super playful and fun. He loves toys and tackling his siblings.

Last but not least is sweet Ebony. She is the calmest but LOVES affection.

Click the link below to adopt one (or two!) of these fantastic kittens!


Kismet is so much fun! He loves to romp and play all day but curl up for plenty of naps also! Kismet's mom was named Karma so his name  means Karma! He was born on 5/30/22 and can't wait to join his forever family!


Hayden was found next to a dumpster with his sister at just 4 weeks old! He loves exploring and playing with toys and his kitten roommates. Hayden is an expert cuddler and will definitely be a lap cat!

Jack & Jill + Jacob & Jeff

Jack & Jill are siblings that were found with no mom around at just 6 weeks old! Jeff & Jacob aren't blood siblings but since both were found alone, they made their own little family with Jack & Jill!

All 4 kittens were born in the 1st week of May 2022.


Jack is a super sweet, all around fabulous kitten. He equally loves cuddling and playing.

Jill is a very laid back little girl. She enjoys napping on laps and bird watching.


Jeff is a bit shy at first but once he knows you, is a very sweet little guy.


Jacob had a horrible eye infection when he came to us and we thought he was going to lose his right eye! After a lot of trips to the vet, eye medications and TLC, Jacob is all healed up and ready to meet his forever family!